The saying “throwing money out the window” is no longer relevant.

Sure, it made sense 20 years ago when windows allowed you to see the outside world while letting outdoor air, sunlight, and external temperatures in. But like most things in the past 20 years, windows have become more technologically advanced. And if you are fond of saving money, you may want to install these newer windows on your home before January 1st, 2021.

Why? Because 2020 is the last year you can benefit from Energy Star’s Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit, which will cover 10% of the cost of materials used in your window replacement! This tax credit has a cap of $200, but due to the nature of the Energy Star certified products being installed, the homeowner will end up saving much more over their new windows’ lifespan.

How? It boils down to one main factor: energy efficiency.

Energy Star certified windows save homeowners energy (and therefore money), long after the installation is completed. This is because they can do what previous windows could not; they efficiently form a barrier between your home and the outside world. While other windows allow drafts to affect the temperature of your home, Energy Star certified windows create a seal. This seal ensures that the air you are paying to cool remains the temperature you want it, without your AC having to kick on every few minutes. Energy Star calculates that the typical home with Energy Star certified windows could save up to $583 a year on energy costs! In addition to this, Energy Star certified windows also have a special coating that cuts down on the UV light entering your home by up to 75%! This protects objects in your home such as carpets, wood floors, drapes and even photographs from fading and becoming discolored.

Of course, we cannot forget to talk about the “green” side of energy efficiency! Installing energy efficient windows in the typical home can reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint by 6,205 pounds of CO2 a year. That is the equivalent of 317 gallons of gasoline! But that reduction in a homeowner’s carbon is not coming from the windows alone; it is also coming from the energy they are saving.

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