Home in springtime

It is important to check your home inside and outside after a long winter. This can help you find the early warning signs of damage that every homeowner should be on the look out for. Northeastern winters can be harsh due to temperature swings and severe winter storms, and they often test your homes integrity on several fronts.

Interior: Windows, Pumps, Leaks & More

HVAC Filters

The first and easiest thing to check is the HVAC system’s filters. Make sure they are not restrictive and clear of debris. You want your HVAC system to ventilate fresh air, and an unclean filter does not help with that task. So, if you notice your filter is especially dirty, it’s time to replace it!


Once you know your HVAC filters are okay, you should assess your windows. Check that your window screens are not torn or missing. Screens play a major role in keeping out unwanted bugs and debris from your home while the windows are open. Also make sure to check the seal around your windows and doors to ensure no water or drafts are coming through.

Look for Potential Leaks

It is also important to keep an eye out for moisture or standing water in general as this can indicate a leak. Leaks can quickly become costly if not taken care of when first noticed. Common places leaks occur are as follows: the basement, around windows, exterior doors, washer water lines, and in your attic/directly below your roof. It is important to check areas such as these to make sure your home is not accumulating damaged without your knowledge!

Sump Pump

The last item on our checklist is to check your basement’s sump pump. This item is crucial to be in working order to avoid costly basement flooding. You can easily test your pump by pouring a 5-gallon bucket of water slowly into it, which should activate the float and pump the water out. These are just a few general things to do in the springtime to make sure the interior of your home is ready for the warmer weather!


Exterior: Mother Nature Vs. Your Home

Perform an Exterior Inspection

An exterior inspection/checklist is a crucial part of making sure your home is ready for spring. The first thing is to do a walk around the home and check for any obvious signs of damage. Any obvious damage should be addressed, as visible damage means some aspect of your home’s defense has failed. Keep an eye out for things such as holes in the siding, missing siding/trim, broken or missing shutters, door/window damage, missing or damaged roofing tiles, gutter condition and effectiveness.

Inspect Wood Integrity

Additionally, you should inspect all wooden aspects o your home to ensure there is no dry-rotting or damage. It is also a good idea to paint or stain any new or exposed wood to extend its lifespan.

Prep All Lawn Care Equipment

It is also helpful to ensure that all lawn care equipment is tuned up and ready for the season ahead. You may need it to clear away any troublesome brush or trees that are too close to your house. Plants and trees that grow out of control can ruin your home’s foundation with their wandering roots! Not to mention the possibility of a tree falling on your roof!

If You Find an Issue, Call a Professional

Once you have completed the walk around, take a closer look at each individual issue and decide whether it needs immediate attention. Anything that exposes your home like roofing, siding, gutters, doors or windows should be addressed immediately as these items will become more costly with every year they are neglected. Inspect all seals around the doors and windows of your home as well to ensure that they are intact and effective. Any gaps in outdoor seals can allow moisture in your home and cause headaches down the line.

Many of us are excited for the warmer temperatures that spring brings, but it is crucial that homeowners are not caught off guard. Every homeowner should have a checklist for each spring and hopefully this article has given you good ideas to keep your home happy and safe. The main takeaway is that it is important to inspect your home at least once a year to catch issues before they become major in complexity and price!

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