Extremely Worn Roof

Winter is a time for the holidays and spending time with the family. Now that most of the holidays have passed, it is time to start thinking about projects that could use attention before spring. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are here to tell you that your old roof and wintertime are incompatible! This article will explain the challenges that roofs face every winter and why it is better to take care of your old roof sooner rather than later. We live in a specific area in the United States that sees all four seasons in full swing. The summers can be brutally hot, and the winters can be frigidly cold! Not to mention the ever-increasing threat of severe weather! Therefore, it is crucial to protect what matters most to you, your home and your family, with a roof that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Let us explore the various threats to your roof that wintertime brings along and how you can be prepared!

Snow, Ice and Roof Separation

This Valentine’s Day the last thing you are thinking about is your roof. However, it is relevant and here is why; as stated earlier, old roofs and wintertime are incompatible! If you are one of those people that keep saying “my roof can make it through one more winter!” season after season, it is time to stop delaying. Wintertime wreaks havoc on old roofs. The first wintertime threat (and turn off) for old roofs is obvious: snow, ice, and freezing rain. Roofs today are engineered to withstand these elements, but each season takes its toll on the best of roofs!

It is important to understand how moisture reacts to cold temperatures, and how this impacts your roof. An older roof will naturally start separating in some spots, and this can lead to leaks in the roof. These separations are caused by moisture in the form of rain or melting snow sitting on the roof, and freezing temperatures cause the moisture to expand. This exacerbates failure points in the shingles. This typically only occurs in roofs that have been neglected for a substantial amount of time. If you notice shingles missing or large gaps in between your shingles on your aging roof, it is time to call a professional roofing company such as American Design and Build!

Winter Winds and Shingles

Another area of concern in the wintertime is the wild winds. Wintertime is notorious for providing whipping winds on especially frigid days. Old roofs hate this about wintertime. This, combined with sleet or other precipitation, can play a substantial part in roof degradation. Old roof shingles are liable to be swept away entirely. Winter winds will weaken the already fragile shingles on your old roof with every gust!

Wind and precipitation make it important to regularly check your roof for fail points every season you can. Furthermore, if you are thinking that your roof cannot last another month of cold and inclement weather, we are here to tell you not to worry. Despite the common myth that you cannot get a roof replacement in the winter, winter time is one of the best seasons to get a roof replacement! American Design and Build keeps our teams busy year-round, and it is wise to get your roof replaced in the winter while demand is typically lower! The process usually takes a day or two depending on home size and complexity. Bottomline, winter winds are not your roof’s first choice to take to dinner.

Temperature Swings

As if the snow and ice are not enough, roofs have the infamous temperature swings of late winter and early spring to deal with. Old roofs have a tough time dealing with constant change. Furthermore, temperature swings can cause moisture to freeze, expand, then thaw and repeat the process. This cycle reduces the integrity of your roofing components. Temperature swings can also cause your shingles to freeze and thaw several times in one season. This can leave your shingles brittle and susceptible to failure. Fortunately, American Design and Build uses top quality shingles that are guaranteed for 30 years at the minimum!

In conclusion, an old roof is like a bad significant other, they only let you down! For that reason, it is important to realize the impact winter has on your home, more specifically, your roof. Northeastern winters can be especially brutal due to the inconsistency in temperature and precipitation. One strategy homeowners can deploy is being prepared. Make sure to do a visual inspection before and after each winter to make sure no damage has occurred during the season. Any damage or extreme wear should be addressed sooner rather than later to avoid more costly issues in the future. If you are questioning the integrity of your roof, it may be time to give American Design and Build a call. ADB offers free estimates and will collaborate with you to design a roofing system within ssyour budget to protect your home and family.