Roof in the rain

Spring and Summer are beautiful times of the year, especially in our area. Unfortunately, these seasons can also bring hazards that can affect your home in a negative way. In this article we will discuss common Spring and Summer hazards and what you can do to help keep your home in good shape.

Heavy Rain

Rain is a hazard any time of the year, but spring and summer can be especially brutal on your home’s exterior. Heavy rains can cause your roof to wear, and season after season this can really take its toll. It is important to visually inspect your roof for damage and debris that can occur with strong storms. Finding lose shingles in your yard and granules near your downspouts are an indication that your roof needs attention!

Heavy rains can also affect other aspects of your home. Make sure to also check all openings in your home, such as windows and doors. Strong rains can lead to leaking windows or doors, and this can be a costly expense if not caught quickly. If you think it is about time to replace your windows, doors or roof give American Design and Build a call. With over 28 years of experience there is not much our team has not seen, and will be able to assist you efficiently and professionally!

Wind & Debris

Another hazard that can affect your home is wind, which can stir up debris that damages things such as your home’s siding, roof, windows, doors and/or gutters. Think of your home as a group of systems that work together to protect you from the outside elements. Your roof works along side your gutter system to divert water away from your foundation and protect it. Windows and doors allow natural light in while keeping the rain and wind outside., as well as provide ventilation to keep the inside of your home from getting stale and uncomfortable. It is important to make sure your home can withstand any future windstorms, because any issue could put you at risk for costly repairs.

After experiencing strong winds, a homeowner should do an inspection to make sure there are not missing roof shingles or siding. They should also check door and window seals to assess general integrity, and make sure the heavy winds did not produce any air or water leaks. Another good practice for an area that experiences frequent high winds is to tie down things that can easily get blown around such as lawn furniture or sun umbrellas. The savvy homeowner knows that the key to a protected house is prevention, and these small steps can save you from costly repairs and headaches down the road.


Nobody wants to hear this 4-letter word, especially homeowners. Hail can be especially damaging, and summer storms are notorious for producing large hail that can be very hazardous. There is not much you can do in the event of a hailstorm except wait and see how bad the damage the storm has done. If you suspect your home has been damaged by a hailstorm, it is important to call your homeowners insurance company to start the claim process. Once the insurance company has been notified you will want to contact a trust contractor to start the process of roof and/or replacement. American Design and Build is a reputable contractor that has done 1000’s of replacements in our area, and we know how to work with insurance companies, so homeowners can make the most out of their claim. And as always, American Design and Build offers free estimates!

Power Outage

This hazard can happen often depending on where you live. Areas with more large dead trees or areas with a higher change of sustained winds can be prime locations for frequent power outages. A good way to limit your chance of a power outage is by being prepared and taking the proper precautions. You can be prepared by having a solar powered battery backup or a gas-powered generator. The nice thing about the solar battery backup is that it is a seamless transition when the power goes out. No pull-starting a generator, no going outside, just clean solar battery power. If you are interested in a solar battery backup contact our solar division, American Sentry Solar. Our solar experts will help you not only save with solar, but keep the lights on when the power grid is down!

Power Outage


Humidity is simply the amount of water vapor detected in the air around you. High humidity can make the air feel sticky and unusually warm. Furthermore, high humidity, such as that in the summer, can really affect your home in a negative way. Prolonged exposure to high humidity inside your home can be the perfect environment for mold and mildew to take root. Excess moisture in the air can also lead to condensation and dry-rotting wood over long periods of time. Therefore, homeowners should control summer humidity in the house by means of a dehumidifier. Prevention can go a long way in term of humidity, and a dehumidifier can also make your home feel more comfortable on those hot and sticky days.

Heat waves

Heat waves are another hazard that can affect homeowners. We live in a special part of the U.S. that experiences extreme cold and extreme heat. For that reason, it is important to make sure you are inspecting your home every season to make sure there are no issues that need to be addressed. Extreme heat can cause your roof and other fixtures in your home to expand and crack. This can eventually lead to a serious leak if not addressed. Fortunately, you can protect your home from extreme heat by making sure you have proper insulation. Proper insulation will make a world of difference inside your home in terms of ambient temperature. You can also make sure your windows and doors are sealed and caulked properly. You may not realize it, but energy efficient windows can make a huge difference not only in your home’s temperature, but also your energy bill!

Animal Damage

With Spring and Summer comes increased animal activity. This increased activity can be damaging, especially for your home. Squirrels and other small mammals often seek shelter from the outside in attics and other areas not usually checked by humans. If you live in a forested area, you are more likely to experience damage due to wildlife. You can prevent this by installing animal control devices such as squirrel guards and fences to keep them at bay. If you have solar panels, you will likely want to have squirrel guards to make sure they do not get underneath your panels.

Spring and Summer brings beautiful weather, but these seasons also bring strong weather and hazards that can affect the integrity of your home. Luckily, with diligence and prevention you can avoid most, if not all, of the issues that the seasons bring. If you find that items need to be replaced, whether it be your roof, windows, doors, siding or gutters, American Design and Build is always there to assist. Click here for a Free Estimate on your next project, or call 410-557-0555 to talk to an expert!