How did your old roof hold up this past winter/spring? Did you notice a small leak? Maybe you’ve started to notice broken shingles in your yard or granules in your gutters. If so, it is probably high time to get a new roof. And if you are a financially savvy person, you may want to do it before December 31st, 2020.

Why by the end of 2020 you ask? Because you do not want to miss out on the Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit available to any homeowner who installs a new roof with Energy Star Certified materials by 2021. This credit is available for asphalt roofing materials, and the homeowner can claim 10% of the cost of the materials, up to $500. While this may not seem like the biggest tax credit, something is better than nothing, and a roof replacement is not something you want to put off (unless you enjoy dealing with all the headaches an old roof can bring). The other upside to this tax credit is the materials it applies to. True to its energy efficient name, the certified products that would be used on your roof contain cooling granules, which reflect the sun’s rays and can lower your roof’s surface temperature by up to 100F. This will greatly decrease the amount of heat transferred into your home and will allow you to save on air conditioning costs during the hot summer months.

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UPDATE: The Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit has been extended through December 31st, 2023!