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Window Style Chart


Hung Windows
Standard Sizes
Width (In.) Height (In.)
36 24
46 24
54 28
66 28
70 28
46 34
62 34

Sliding Windows

Standard Sizes
Width (In.) Height (In.)
Typically range from 36″ to 84″ Typically range from 24 to 60″

Bay Windows

Standard Sizes
Width (In.) Height (In.)
Typically range from 3’6″ to 10’6″ Typically range from 3′ to 6’6″

Picture Windows

Standard Sizes
Width Height
Typically range from 24″ to 96″ Typically range from 12″ to 96″

Casement Windows

Standard Sizes
Width (In.) Height (In.)
Typically range from 1’2″ to 2’11.5″ Typically range from 2’5.5″ to 6’5.5″

American Sentry Window Replacement

Installing beautiful, aesthetically pleasing windows are sure to increase any home’s value, especially if they are energy efficient! Standard windows account for about 30% of home energy loss, and that is quite literally “money out the window”. That is why American Sentry Windows are top of the line in energy efficiency and design, allowing homeowners to increase their curb appeal while reducing their monthly energy bills.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Increased Energy Efficiency

With American Sentry WIndows you could reduce your home’s energy loss by 40%. Just think of all the money you’ll save on energy bills!

Show Your Style

Show Your Style

Windows are the eyes of your home; they should showcase your home’s unique style, as well as add to it! American Sentry Windows come in a variety of colors, accents, and styles so you can find the perfect match for your home!

Let Natural Light In!

Let the Light In!

A good window can brighten any space, instantly making it more lively and aesthetically pleasing! Make the most out of every sunny day and let natural light illuminate your home!


Each Window Installed with the American Sentry Seal

You want the best products for your home, and we’re here to give them to you. Each window we install is given the American Sentry Seal, ensuring it is top of the line in quality and efficiency. Our American Sentry Windows combined with our professional installation make for a seamless window replacement project that you can rest easy about.

Customer Testimonials

“I am extremely happy with my windows. Tom was fantastic in explaining the process, the product, and went over the quote thoroughly with me. He made sure I was happy and the scheduler checked in with me in advance of the scheduled appointments to ensure all was well. They showed up on time, did a wonderful job and cleaned up behind themselves. I’m thrilled with the windows and will absolutely be working with this company and Tom again when I need additional updates to my home.”

Stephanie, Google Review

“An excellent experience and flawless window installation.”

Matt, Google Review

“We just had a bay window installed and it looks amazing! The guys were very nice and they did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend American Design and Build.”

Carolyn, Google Review

“I started by getting some windows and the crew was very helpful in going through the house so my wife and 3 year old son would have a warm spot since it was in late December. Afterwards I had to replace my roof and went back and the crew was once again excellent at getting the job done without any issues.”

Mike, Google Review
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